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“A hive’s footprint is so small yet it’s impact so great”

The Ballard Bee Company (BBC) was originally conceived as a mission-based business. It’s what founder and owner Corky Luster calls an “urban pollination company”. People ask us, “What’s so special about your honey?” The more people learn about BBC honey and the story behind it, the greater the impact and their appreciation.

While honey never was the original focus of his company, it remains an integral part of it. The retail sales of honey coming from these hives supports the BBC program of acquiring more hives and expanding the apiary into other parts of the city. The hives in host’s yards also serve as an educational and outreach tool to get people involved in a larger food system. The bees, the pollinators, the honey…it becomes personal for people at that point because they also have a stake in this. The bees’ numbers within the city increase, the people hosting the hives get some honey and their neighborhood’s yards benefit from the pollination.

Working together with neighbors and their backyards, the Ballard Bee Company produces a truly provincial food. It’s honey that is local…produced here with help of people who are involved in the food process. This amazing product and our mission go hand-in-hand.


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Patrick Kehoe
Jim Henkens
Andrew Capener


San Juan Island Sea Salt


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ph: 206.459.4131      e: corky@ballardbeecompany.com